How to show FPS in CS 2. Counter-Strike 2 FPS Command

How to show FPS in CS 2

For many players, one of the important elements when playing CS was the question of how to show FPS, the answer was the CS 2 FPS command to track frames per second (FPS), which allowed us to monitor the current number of frames per second generated in the game. This information displayed on the screen was highly valuable as it provided insights into our system’s resource usage and, in turn, showed us how well our hardware was performing, along with other essential parameters. Any deviations from the usual performance could be readily identified, enabling adjustments to graphics settings in the game options for better results. With the introduction of Counter-Strike 2, in addition to changes in launch options, a new FPS CS 2 command was introduced, and the well-known command net_graph, ceased to function, and a completely new command took its place, as detailed in the following post.


A New CS 2 FPS Command using the netgraph method

In the latest version of Counter-Strike 2, the current CS 2 FPS command (net_graph) does not work. It has been replaced by an entirely different, new command.

To the surprise of many gamers, Valve has decided to abandon the well-known net_graph command, which provided visual data, in favor of a completely new data presentation format. What’s more, this new command no longer displays the current FPS number; instead, it conveys the information through graphical representations. These visual indicators, represented by different shades of color, instead of showing FPS in CS 2 represent the current state of resource usage in the game. As you might expect, the new FPS command in Counter-Strike 2 is not as accurate as the tried-and-tested net_graph command in CS:GO.

The new command for FPS in CS 2, reads:

cq_netgraph 1


How to show FPS in CS2 using the showfps method

It’s a positive development that Valve developers have recognized the need to provide players with an alternative method of informing them how to show FPS in counter-strike 2, particularly given the limitations of the incomplete netgraph command.

The command (showfps), serves as an expansion of the well-established net_graph command, that was effective in CS:GO. This new „showfps” command provides a more comprehensive display of information compared to the previously discussed netgraph method. Regrettably, the extensive data presented by the showfps command is completely unreadable. We’re optimistic that the developers will address this issue in the near future.

To check the number of FPS in CS 2 more accurately, use the following CS 2 FPS command:


cl_showfps 1

It’s worth noting that we have several command configurations to choose from. Depending on the selected number (1-5), the command will display different parameters.


How to use any CS 2 FPS command and show FPS in the game

To apply the selected command in the game, follow a few simple steps:

  1. Enable the in-game console by pressing the tilde key (~). If the console doesn’t open, it indicates that it’s disabled in CS 2 settings. In that case, activate console support in your settings.
  2. Enter the following command in the console: „cl_showfps 1” or „cq_netgraph 1„.
  3. Confirm the action by pressing the Enter key.

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