How to show FPS in CS2. 3 methods to display the FPS counter

How to show FPS in CS 2

In competitive shooters such as CS2, showing FPS in the game is crucial to gameplay. The extra frames can determine whether you will be able to kill your opponent and perhaps achieve victory in the round or suffer defeat. Fortunately, there are several methods of displaying the FPS counter in CS2, ensuring the smoothest gameplay.

Even though some of these methods may be familiar to the Counter-Strike veteran community, new players will certainly benefit from them.

Method 1: CS2 Launch options

FPS counter in CS2 Launch options

With the CS2 FPS command, every time you launch the game, the FPS counter will be displayed on your screen. Top players use this feature by default to monitor their frame rate.

  • 1. Begin by right-clicking on CS2 within the Steam, then proceed to access the 'Properties’ menu.
  • 2. Navigate to the 'Launch Options’ section and input the command 'cl_showfps 1′.
  • 3. If you wish to eliminate the FPS, simply delete this command from the 'Launch Options’ setting.

This approach is our preferred method for showing FPS in CS2, as it avoids the need to manually set it every time you launch the game.

Method 2: In-game FPS counter on Steam

In-game FPS counter on Steam

To show FPS in CS2 or any other game, you can utilize the Steam platform with the following steps:

  • 1. Launch Steam.
  • 2. Access the 'Settings’ menu.
  • 3. Navigate to the 'In-Game’ tab.
  • 4. Choose the location on the screen where you want the FPS counter to appear under the 'In-game FPS counter’ option.
  • 5. If visibility is a concern, you can enhance it by enabling the 'High contrast color’ option.

Keep in mind that this setting will display your FPS in all games, so you may want to deactivate it for other titles.

Method 3: Show FPS in game console

Show FPS in game console

The following CS2 FPS command operates similarly to the earlier method, but it is executed within the game itself rather than through Steam.

  • 1. Within Counter-Strike 2, navigate to the 'Settings Menu,’ and under the 'Game’ tab, verify that 'Enable Developer Console ()’ is set to 'Yes.’
  • 2. Activate the console by pressing the '~’ key.
  • 3. Input 'cl_showfps 1,’ mirroring the previous method.
  • 4. To deactivate it, input 'cl_showfps 0′ into the console instead.

Note that this method requires you to repeat this step every time you want to show FPS in the game. This feature is recommended for testers in particular, especially when adjusting video settings.

How to increase FPS in CS2

FPS in CS2 is influenced by the graphics settings. A highly effective strategy to increase frame rates involves lowering the graphics settings, a practice commonly adopted by professional gamers. The main goal is to make the gaming experience smoother.

You will learn how to increase FPS with our tutorial, which was written for CS:GO, but the instructions in it can also be applied to Counter-Strike 2.


Q: Is the number of FPS in CS2 important?

A: Achieving high FPS in Counter-Strike is crucial for optimal gameplay. Players with lower than a consistent minimum 60 FPS may have problems with smooth gameplay due to unstable performance, hindering responsiveness. Fortunately, adjusting in-game settings provides various avenues to enhance FPS, ensuring a smoother gaming experience.

Q: How much FPS should I get in CS2?

A: Generally, match your FPS to your monitor’s refresh rate, calculated in hertz (Hz). For a 60-Hz monitor, exceeding 60 FPS is unnecessary and even counterproductive, as the screen will not be able to show greater fluidity. However, with higher refresh rates like 120 Hz or more, aim for increased FPS to optimize smoothness. Adjust the in-game settings accordingly.

Q: Why display the FPS counter in CS2?

A: The FPS Counter thoroughly assesses the hardware influencing your gaming experience and overall enjoyment. It identifies areas of strain, whether on your CPU, GPU, hard disk, or network connection, providing insights into potential bottlenecks that may impact game performance.

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